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FEICAN LED Strip Characteristics And Applications

- Jan 30, 2018 -

LED strip features:

1.LED strip, which is a very flexible FPC substrate that can be bent without breaking, suitable for a variety of advertising backlight applications.

2. Color: high-brightness LED as a light source, white up to 4000 ~ 5000mcd, white, warm white, RGB, red, blue, yellow, green, pink colors to choose from.

3.Heatless: LED strip light-emitting element is LED, a single LED power is 0.04 watts and 0.08W.

4. Energy: SMD 5050, SMD 352830leds / Meter, can only be 2.4 watts, 60leds / Meter, can be 14.4 watts, compared to traditional lighting, lower power consumption.

5.Environmental protection: LED strip, including the environmental protection materials of LED and FPC board raw materials, can not cause environmental pollution and harm on the basis of recyclable type.

6. Long life: LED strip of the normal use of not less than 50,000 hours, work day and night.

7. Widely used: LED strip is widely used in boutiques lighting, commercial lighting, hotel lighting, leisure lighting, home lighting, exhibition hall lighting and so on.

8. Safety: DC12V / DC24V input voltage. Safer than normal lighting.

9. Installation is simple: fixed with 3M tape, plus buckle.


LED strip lighting has recently become a universal low-energy and low-maintenance lighting facility due to the new developments in LED technology and the growing need for efficient, green solutions. LED lighting can be up to 10 times more energy efficient than current incandescent lamps. They are still close to room temperature, an added benefit is that this can cut energy usage and further reduce the heat that an air conditioner needs to extract from incandescent lamps. More durable LED lighting lasts for thousands of hours than traditional alternative lamps. They are resistant to cold, heat, shock and vibration, they are not flashing fluorescent tubes.

LED lighting is suitable for a wide variety of applications including building, low voltage, landscape, outdoor and night club lighting.

What is LED: LEDs are solid-state electronic silicon semiconductor devices that emit light.

Low voltage: safe and inexpensive operation, reducing the cost of electricity, they can be battery or battery backup power supply.

Low-calorie output: Installation options provide more flexibility, higher efficiency and lower air conditioning load in the building.

Long life: reduce maintenance costs. LED bulb life of up to 100,000 hours. Running continuously for more than 11 years, compared to an average of 1000 hours for a standard filament bulb.

Durable: LEDs without glass or filament are resistant to cold, heat, shock and vibration.

Various colors: Available in a few fixed colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow or white.

Variable Colors: Tri-color LEDs produce millions of colors.


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