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The reasons for price difference of LED strip lights?

- Feb 28, 2018 -

It seems in the industry, the purchase of LED wire without light is not difficult, just focus on the following questions:

1, before buying, to understand the style and brand lights. On the one hand, log in to the website to find out about the styles and brand rankings of the light strips and provide the basis for the purchase. On the other hand, you can also ask friends around, what kind of light with better performance, the price is more affordable.

2, according to the decoration effect map, select the appropriate type of light with. In determining the lamp with style, must be based on the decoration renderings to determine. Of course, you can also communicate with the lamp with sales staff, so that they recommend the appropriate lamp with style. The only way to play the decoration effect.

3, to understand the price of light strip. According to LED lights without wire manufacturers understand that different brands, different styles of light with the price is not the same. Choose to buy, be sure to figure out the price of the market, for the purchase of reliable quality, affordable light to help.

4, if the market does not like the light with the style, but also can contact the light with LED lights without wire manufacturers custom. According to reports, a lot of LED lights without wire manufacturers introduced a custom service, trying to provide customers with a more appropriate lamp.

No wire led lights with LED lights is a tube lamp, because of its shape as a luminous light when the name. Currently on the market without LED lights with a variety of LED lights, LED lights with no different price, with a lamp how much money? What is the reason for the price difference caused by LED wire lights?


LED no wire lights with the above are generally welded LED, it is also called LED no wire lights, because the term is too long and simplified into lantern. Light belt in the domestic market is still very common, due to different manufacturers of material quality, the need to pay attention to the next light with the purchase of a meter, comprehensive comparison of cost.

LEDLED no wire lights currently very popular, it is not only rich in color, and energy saving, the use of a very wide range, you can replace the traditional LED wire lights bring no use. Currently LEDLED no wire lights with the price is not very expensive, if it is a single color, a meter in a few dollars to more than ten yuan, if it is more expensive RGB that some different specifications of different varieties of the price is not the same . Specifically, the price from about 5 yuan to dozens of dollars, it is recommended without 220V high-voltage LED no wire lights, high-voltage LED lights without wire lights with high heat. Life expectancy will be shorter. Low-voltage LED wire lights with a longer life expectancy, energy saving, safety factor than high-voltage LED lights without wire with high. The living room is best to use 12v LED soft light bar, waterproof bare light bar or waterproof glue bar. Specific brightness according to the optical effect to choose. Brightness of the high 5050,60 can choose a lamp or 5050, 30 meters a meter of light. Low brightness can choose 3528,60 meters a lamp. For optical effects, you can choose a single color, you can also choose colorful or Marquee.

LED wire with no light ribbon has the advantage is very obvious: LEDLED no wire lights with lower and lower prices, the power consumption is very small, only about 20% of ordinary lamps, and the service life of up to 100,000 hours, is the ordinary lights It also has the features of low maintenance cost, short response time, no pollution and the like. At the same time, the price of LEDLED without wire lights is getting lower and lower, therefore, it is very popular with consumers. As LEDLED no lead lamp with high efficiency, longevity, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., are now more and more consumers in the market, the natural production of LEDLED without lead lamp manufacturers are more and more.


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