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Switching power supply generally has three kinds of working mode:

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Frequency, pulse width fixed mode, frequency fixed, pulse width variable mode, frequency, pulse width variable mode. The former working mode is used for AC inverter power supply, or DC/DC voltage conversion, and the latter two working modes are used for switching voltage stabilizing power supply. In addition, switching power supply output voltage also has three kinds of working mode: Direct output voltage mode, average output voltage mode, amplitude output voltage mode. In the same way, the former work method is used for AC inverter power supply, or DC/DC voltage conversion, and the latter two methods are used for switching power supply.

According to the switching device in the circuit connected in the way, switching power supply, in general can be divided into: series switching power supply, shunt switching power supply, transformer type switching power supply, such as three categories. Among them, transformer switching power supply (hereinafter referred to as Transformer switching power supply) can also be further divided into: push-pull type, half bridge type, full bridge type and so on, according to the transformer's excitation and output voltage phase, can be divided into: positive, flyback, single and doubly-excited, and so on, if the use of points, can also be divided into more categories.

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