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LED module Use instructions

- Jul 27, 2017 -

First, the current use of light-emitting light source mainly in the conventional set input voltage is $literal led three lights, five lights, six lights of the light module is more common, need to pass the constant voltage switching power supply output $literal for power supply, so to pay attention to the installation of light-emitting words if there is no switch power supply, should not be light-emitting word or LED light module directly into the market AC 220V power, otherwise will be led light source because of high voltage and burnout.

Second, in order to avoid switching power supply for a long time full load, switching power supply and led load power is the best 1:0.8, in accordance with such configuration product life will be more safe and lasting.

Third, if the module more than 25 groups, should be separated first, and then by more than 1.5 square millimeter of high-quality copper wire connected together to the Light-emitting box outside, power cord length should be as short as possible, such as more than 3 meters must be appropriate to increase the line diameter, the end of the module to avoid short circuit must be cut and paste must be firmly, when necessary with the self tapping screws fixed Waterproof series outdoor use, Groove type Word must do a good waterproof measures;

Four, should have enough brightness. Module spacing visual brightness needs between 3 to 6CM, the thickness of the word can be selected between 5 to 15CM. There are two kinds of LED lights for luminous words: piranhas and small straw hats. The Piranha luminous module is suitable for the luminous word of the height of the wall between the 8-15cm.

Five, in the use of LED light-emitting module process, must pay attention to the problem of voltage drop. Do not just do a loop, from the first series tail. This will not only make the difference between the two due to different voltages, resulting in inconsistent brightness, but also produce a single circuit over the burning circuit board problems. The correct approach is to maximize the number of parallel circuits to ensure that the voltage and current distribution is reasonable.

The use of anti-corrosion materials inside the cavity, preferably white primer, to increase its reflective coefficient.

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