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How to choose the right led strip lights in the decoration,

- Jan 29, 2018 -

From the color points, LED lights with "colorful" "white" "warm white" "red" "green" "yellow" "blue" and so on. LED theory can be called a lot of colors, but the mainstream is so few, according to the different color temperature, there will be some "deviation." For example, "warm white" on the sub-2000K and 4000K color temperature, "white" with cool white, close to the sun's color "is white" and so on. According to our delivery statistics. The largest shipment is "warm white", followed by "white" to yellow, blue. Other colors are very small. To "warm" to choose "warm white"; to "light net" to choose "cool white"; to "fashion sense" to choose "blue", to "alternative sense" to choose "yellow or green"

In your choice, not to choose some middle-priced products. Not good, but not bad either. Very low bid, the quality is really "nothing to say", the bid is very high, you can not buy the same US chips, because less market share, manufacturers will not go to production. No lead lamp with SMD5050, is the highlight of Taiwan chip package, the luminous flux higher than the average chip 1-2lm. A 5050 lamp beads have three chips, when a chip is damaged, does not affect the other two chips shine. Only three cores are damaged, it is only a group of three 5050 is not bright, will not affect the entire non-conductive wire lights.

Differentiated from the material, one is the LED light bar, one is made of flexible materials, LED soft light without wire. LED light bar is made of PCB hard board assembly circuit board, LED useful to paste the LED assembly, but also useful to insert LED assembly. The advantages of LED light bar is relatively easy to fix, more convenient processing and installation, the disadvantage is not free to bend. LED soft light wire strip is the use of FPC assembly circuit boards, SMD LED assembly, product thickness is only a coin thickness, does not occupy space, and easy to bend, suitable for a variety of shapes.

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