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Considerations for using switching power supplies

- Jul 27, 2017 -

1 before using the power supply, first determine the input and output voltage specifications and the nominal value of the power supply is consistent;

2 Before the power, check the input and output of the leader is connected correctly, so as not to damage the user equipment;

3 Check whether the installation is solid, the installation screw and the Power Plate device has no contact, measuring the shell and input, output insulation resistance, so as not to shock;

4 in order to ensure the use of security and reduce interference, please ensure the grounding of reliable grounding;

5 The power supply of multi-channel output is generally divided into main and auxiliary output, and the main output is superior to the auxiliary output, and the output current is mainly output in general. In order to ensure the output load adjustment rate and output dynamics and other indicators, generally require at least 10% per road load. If the main road is not used in the auxiliary road, the main road must be appropriately loaded. See specifications of the corresponding models;

6) Please note: Power supply frequent switch will affect its life;

7 The working environment and the carrying degree will also affect its life.

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